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What WheelRight Does and Why

We believe our solution looks set to revolutionise tyre management across the globe given its advantages over traditional tyre pressure monitoring practices.

On a moving vehicle the tyres are the only contact with the ground, they transmit both driving and braking forces to the ground and grip the road when cornering. Under-inflated tyres put strain on the sidewalls, increase the rolling resistance and increase the wear rate, whilst over-inflated tyres reduce the contact with the road, wear the centre of the tread and reduce braking efficiency.

Correctly Inflated Tyres are Important.

WheelRight makes monitoring simple “Just Drive Over” as often as you wish. One system will measure all the vehicles on a site from day one. There is nothing to fit to the vehicle. Its simple, vehicles are identified by reading the numberplate as they approach the sensor plates on the ground and within seconds the data has been processed and sent to the WheelRight “Cloud” server where information on known vehicles is compared to the database and a report is generated comparing the actual and the recommended pressures. For all other vehicles WheelRight reports the recorded pressures for each tyre that has driven over and that includes multiple axles and multiple wheels on each axle.

Optional features that can be configured are:



John Catling
Chief Executive

A Chartered Engineer with an MBA from Manchester Business School, John has over 15 years’ industry and senior management experience. He has proven record in strategy development, business building, and development. He was Managing Director at Thames Water until 2002. Since then he has been actively engaged with start-up companies, business development, and business angel investments. John is the key driving force in the development of the WheelRight solution for tyre management.


Michael Taylor

Michael’s background is in manufacturing and product design. He jointly founded an engineering business that designed and manufactured beverage dispense equipment. He was responsible for growing the business successfully and selling it in 1996. His strengths and knowledge in technology and engineering have since led him to invest in various other technology businesses. WheelRight was his brainchild.


George Inch

George has over 30 years’ experience in business development and operations management at a senior level in the transport, logistics, and automotive sectors. Graduating with an MA in Economics & Statistics at Aberdeen University, he went on to work for BRS, Excel, and Unipart. George was then COO of DHL Container Logistics until he set up his own Logistics Solutions Company in 2007. He is also a Lay Member of the Transport Tribunal and sits on the FTA Midlands Regional Council.