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Buses simply drive over our patented sensors every time they enter the depot and their tyre pressures are instantly sent to our cloud, and any problems are immediately communicated to the depot so action can be taken.

Our unique system empowers fleet managers to:

  • Respond quickly to potential faults thanks to our instant results and early warnings.
  • Reduce emissions & fuel consumption by ensuring tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Avoid costly on-road downtime, callout and tyre asset loss by preventing potential breakdowns.
  • Extend tyre life by ensuring tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Comply with legislation and keep automated traceable records.
  • Significantly enhance the services provided by their tyre contractors, dramatically increasing frequency and accuracy of tyre pressure checks, reducing labour costs, and removing the human element.

Our unique, pay-monthly tyre pressure management service enables fleet managers to improve tyre condition, reducing risk of roadside incidents and optimising fuel economy and tyre life.