Check Tyres, Stay Safe A road safety campaign at Keele Services brought to you by Highways England and WheelRight

Why Tyre Pressure?

For commercial fleets, the WheelRight system
allows monitoring tyre pressures on a daily basis. When compared with current best practice this revolutionary approach reduces fuel consumption and service disruption, improves safety and gives management unprecedented visibility of the condition of their fleet’s tyres.

For motorists, “just drive over” to have peace of mind that your tyre pressures are in a safe condition, and start putting £s back into your wallet through reduced fuel consumption.

Why not check your tyres the next time you are at Keele services?

How does it work?

Who are WheelRight?

WheelRight, a UK based technology company have developed a method for measuring all of your tyre pressures when you drive over sensors in the road. Nothing is fitted to the vehicle.

Every year motorists are killed or injured as a result of poor tyre condition, or just delayed whilst the motorway is cleared. The impact on lives is huge, and disruptions cost the UK economy millions.

From March 2015, Highways England and WheelRight are conducting a safety demonstration at the Welcome Break Keele Motorway Services. Look for us on the M6 Southbound after junction 16.


Who are WheelRight?

WheelRight is a UK company that has developed a unique way of measuring tyre pressures.

What are WheelRight offering?

A free tyre pressure check for your car. Installed exclusively at Keele Services Southbound, the UK-developed system provides accurate tyre pressure readings.

Why is checking my tyre pressure important?

Tyre under-inflation is a major cause of incidents on the UK’s roads. Checking your tyres are properly inflated now could save you much distress, discomfort and danger down the line in the event of a future tyre failure – and potentially put some extra money in your pocket too!

Does it cost anything?

The system is completely free for commercial and non-commercial users. You can “just drive over” as often as you like!

What do I do if I have a flat tyre?

There are air compressors behind the Shell fuel station just before the motorway entrance.
If the tyre isn’t too flat then it can be pumped up there for a small charge.

How does the system work?

It’s really very simple – all you have to do to check your tyre pressures is “Just Drive Over”. Once you have driven over, select your car’s number plate from the touch screen in front of you to get your results.

What is a bar, psi or kPa?

These are units of pressure and represent how “full” a car tyre is. Many European cars use the Standard International (SI) unit of kilopascals, or kPa.  A bar is 100 kPa.  Other countries such as the UK commonly use psi, short for “pounds per square inch”. Try out our handy calculator for converting between different units!

Edit the pressures in any of the text boxes to the right to see the values using other units




How long will the project run for?

The project will run until the end of 2015.