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We install our unique ground-level sensors at our customers’ premises, which then transmit tyre condition and vehicle load data to our cloud instantly after each drive-over. We don’t charge for the hardware – only for the data service that we provide.

For our commercial customers, vehicles simply drive over our sensors every time they enter or leave the depot, and tyre pressure, tyre temperature and weight data (both axle and total) are immediately uploaded to our cloud. Any problems are instantly flagged to staff so that immediate action can be taken.

For our highways installations, vehicles drive over our sensors at the checking station and then receive their results instantly from a touch-screen kiosk or via SMS.

Compared to manual tyre checking, the WheelRight service ensures all tyres are checked instantly every time the vehicle or trailer enters or leaves the premises. Compared to on-board TPMS, the WheelRight service provides simplicity and value for money because there are no mechanical devices fitted to the vehicle. Our accredited weigh-in-motion system provides both total weight and axle weight, quickly identifying and reporting potential load imbalances before the vehicle goes out on the road.



Simple to Use

Just drive over – no need for any devices on the vehicle

Number plate and RFID recognition

Tyre pressures, axle loads and tread condition recorded in seconds


Time Saving

Check pressures and axle weights in seconds by just driving over

No need for manual measurement

Reduces tyre related breakdowns

Pinpoints specific problems for fast repair/turnaround


Cost Saving

Low monthly fees and no capital cost

Reduces roadside downtime

Reduces risk

Saves resources, reducing cost of fuel and tyres


Improves Safety

Reduces accidents caused by blowouts, shredded tyres and instability

Helps ensure compliance and traceability

Identifies uneven load distribution and overloaded vehicles


Cloud Based

Raw data transmitted to WheelRight server

Reports formatted to suit the user

Instant alerts by email, text or screen

Instant online access to results for fleet managers


Reduces environmental impact

Reduces fuel consumption

Reduces carbon emissions

Prolongs tyre life and reduces number of tyres going to landfill