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Our simple, known-cost monthly fee is lower than the potential cost of a single roadside incident, and includes all service, upgrades and maintenance. We use ANPR and RFID to identify each vehicle and trailer, we provide daily reports for traceability, and we don’t need to fit mechanical devices to the vehicle or wheels. In short, we provide simple, effortless, highly effective tyre and load management.

Our unique system empowers fleet managers to:

  • Respond quickly to potential faults thanks to our instant results and early warnings.
  • Reduce emissions & fuel consumption by ensuring tyres are correctly inflated.
  • Avoid costly on-road downtime, callout and tyre asset loss by preventing potential breakdowns.
  • Extend tyre life by ensuring tyres are correctly inflated and not overloaded.
    Comply with legislation and keep automated traceable records.
  • Monitor sub-contractors operating on their behalf, to ensure they maintain the same safety and efficiency standards.
  • Significantly enhance the services provided by their tyre contractors, dramatically increasing frequency and accuracy of tyre pressure checks, reducing labour costs, and removing the human element.

We provide instant email alerts to designated transport staff, highlighting under/overinflated tyres, overloaded axles, and abnormal temperatures, all within agreed parameters. Our daily and periodic reports enable transport managers to track and improve tyre performance over time, and ensure compliance at all times. Our off-board drive-over system also enables vehicles outside of your fleet to be checked – ideal for ensuring sub-contractors are operating to your standards of tyre and load management.

Our monthly fee includes all maintenance and upgrades of hardware and software, dedicated support and remote monitoring at our Oxfordshire office, providing fleet managers with peace of mind that tyre condition and vehicle loads are being checked and optimised.