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The New Best Practice in Tyre Management

There are over 5 billion tyres in use on vehicles around the world, and each of them plays a crucial role in road transport safety and energy consumption. Despite their massive importance, tyre condition and pressure checks are often ignored. This can be due to the complexity of checking large fleets of vehicles correctly, or because car drivers don’t realise the risks of not checking tyres regularly.

We understand that the best solutions are often those that require minimal effort. That’s why we’ve tackled the complex problem of tyre safety management with a solution that couldn’t be simpler – vehicles just drive through our tyre safety check system and we do the rest, providing drivers and fleet managers with the information they need to ensure their vehicles are as safe and fuel efficient as possible.

Our vision is to make a significant contribution to global road transport safety and environmental protection by delivering a simple, yet high quality, high value service to our customers in all sectors of road transport. We want to see every vehicle in the world using our cloud-based drive-through automated technologies and services, reaping the benefits of extra safety, reduced energy consumption, and reduced environmental impact.