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Resultant statistics from drive-through scans are received at WheelRight’s cloud-based server where further algorithms and machine learning “calculate” the tyre diagnostics and compare these to an acceptable / unacceptable range. If the result is out of range an alert is communicated.

Resultant statistics and tyre images are accessed on-line via WheelRight’s cloud-based web interface.

Non-compliant tyres activate a ‘Red Alert’ and generate an instant job sheet for those vehicles requiring urgent attention. At the end of each day a report of all vehicles can be generated for management assessment. The option for inspectors or drivers to view and print a report at the project site via a touch-screen kiosk can be included.

Resultant statistics can be integrated into a customer’s or service provider’s overall operations or maintenance software.



Improves Road Safety

Reduces accidents caused by blowouts, shredded tyres and instability

Helps ensure compliance and traceability

Identifies uneven load distribution and overloaded vehicles


Reduces Environmental Impact

Reduces fuel consumption

Reduces carbon emissions

Prolongs tyre life and reduces number of tyres going to landfill


Cost Saving

Flexible Opex and Capex fee arrangements

Reduces emergency roadside services and downtime

Saves resources, reducing cost of fuel and tyres


Time Saving

Check pressures and axle weights in seconds by just driving over

No need for manual measurement

Reduces tyre related breakdowns

Pinpoints specific problems for fast repair/turnaround


Easy to Use

Just drive through – no need for any devices on the vehicle or in the tyre

Number plate and Fleet ID recognition

Tyre pressures, axle loads and tread condition recorded in seconds



Raw scanned inputs transmitted to WheelRight cloud server

Multiple report formats available

Instant alerts by email, SMS or webportal

Online access to inspection results and images for fleet and compliance stakeholders