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Underinflated or overinflated tyres are easy to miss on daily walkaround checks, particularly inner tyres that aren’t easily visible, and incorrect inflation of any tyre isn’t always obvious without a pressure check. Inner tyres can only be manually checked using valve extensions, which are not always fitted and are prone to damage.

But the increased risk of a blowout and the negative effect on fuel consumption and tyre wear make regular, accurate tyre pressure an essential part of tyre safety management and fleet operational management. Likewise, a vehicle failing inspection by a government transport or standards agency (DVSA in the UK) for underinflated tyres can be served with an immediate prohibition notice and fines or court summons imposed. These are all big risks for any transport operator.

For private vehicle drivers, despite new vehicles featuring on-board TPMS (tyre pressure monitoring systems), these devices don’t always show actual pressure, and can lead to extra complacency when it comes to accurately checking car tyres.

Our drive-through pressure-in-motion technology requires no mechanical devices on the vehicle or tyres, and we provide instant alerts and support. Any vehicle can drive-through our tyre safety check system at any time, ensuring simple, effortless, highly effective tyre safety management.