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We install our unique ground-based sensors and high-resolution imaging equipment at our customers’ premises, which then transmit scanned inputs to our cloud-based software after each drive-through to report the resultant statistics for management, assessment or enforcement purposes.

For our commercial fleet customers, vehicles simply drive through the tyre safety check station every time they enter or leave the depot, and tyre diagnostics are immediately uploaded to our cloud-hosted Fleet Portal. Any problems are instantly flagged to staff so that immediate action can be taken.

For our public service installations, vehicles drive through the tyre safety check station and then receive their results instantly from a touch-screen kiosk or via SMS.

Compared to manual tyre checking, our service ensures all tyres are checked instantly every time the vehicle or trailer enters or leaves its premises. Compared to on-board TPMS, our service provides simplicity and value for money because there are no mechanical devices fitted to the vehicle or tyre. Our accredited weigh-in-motion system provides both total weight and axle weight, quickly identifying and reporting potential load imbalances before the vehicle goes out on the road.